Safety Academy Provides Every Triovest Employee Training on Key Health and Safety Matters

The health and safety of our employees, tenants, suppliers, and the public is Triovest’s top priority, and a key tool in helping us fulfill this commitment is our proprietary Safety Academy (SA). Since 2015, SA has helped employees identify health and safety risks and ensure they are knowledgeable about our policies, procedures and critical safety processes.

SA has two levels of training – all employees are required to complete Level 1, and employees in certain operational roles are required to complete Level 2.

Examples of Level 1 courses include first aid awareness, fire safety basics, and employee incident and near-miss reporting. In 2020, we added a course on Triovest’s Employee COVID-19 Safety Playbook to remind everyone how we operate safely during the pandemic. As part of the course, all employees had to acknowledge they read and understood the playbook.

Level 2 courses go into greater detail on some of the more prevalent workplace health and safety risks that those in operational roles may come across. Topics include spill controls, mould management, personal protective equipment, lock-out/tag-out safety procedures, working safely in confined spaces and asbestos management. Level 2 courses are followed by an exam that measures the employee’s understanding of the course materials.

Each employee is required to take SA within 60 days of joining Triovest, and then annually thereafter. Triovest typically launches SA in September as part of our “Safety September” campaign, and employees are asked to complete SA within 30 days of launch. Managers are required to ensure their employees complete the course.

What started as a paper-based program is now a more user-friendly experience and accessible to all employees through Triovest’s Human Resources and Learning Management online platform. Since training was moved to the online platform, participation, timeliness and completion rates among employees have significantly improved. Our goal is for 100 percent of employees to complete the annual SA check-up, and we provide Triovest’s Board of Directors a quarterly report on the percentage of employees who have completed the training.